Amuerte White Edition Coca Leaf London Dry Gin 43%

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The AMUERTE Coca Gin (White Edition) has a very special ingredient that makes this gin truly unique: the leaves of the coconut plant. The Coca Gin from Amuerte is produced in small batches. With the black also limited edition you have already celebrated great successes; the white edition should not be the same. Encased in an eye-catching bottle design, decorated with 24-carat gold leaf, the AMUERTE Coca Gin (White Edition) promises a particularly luxurious pleasure. Get this outstanding and coveted gin before it is sold out!

The amused coca gin (white edition) is characterised by a balanced and vibrant taste with a pleasant bitterness. The crisp coconut leaves from Peru are aromatic in the centre of this gin and provide an interesting bitterness. The White Edition of this gin also uses fingerlime grown biologically in the Circeo Natural Park near Rome. Other botanicals such as cardamom, coriander and Szechuan pepper also provide a pleasant freshness. In the nose, the amused coca gin (white edition) smells of fruit, accompanied by a slight spiciness and pepper notes. On the palate, the gin is very powerful with rather tart spices and sweet fruits. The medium length finish sounds with a bitter sweet spice. We recommend drinking this gin in a classic way with a neutral Indian tonic water. A little lemon peel and lots of ice cubes and you have a great gin and tonic.

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