Arran 17 Years Rare Batch Calvados Cask Edition 52,5% OB

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Arran Malt 17 Year Old Island Rare Batch Calvados Cask Whisky from the island of Arran seduces in a powerful and complex way. It not only has a high alcohol content, but also high standards and recognition value. In the aroma one notices dried apples and sweet pastries. Cocoa and nutmeg set the mood for the full-bodied and complex taste. The Arran Malt 17 Years Island Rare Batch Calvados Cask Whiskey has a silky smooth mouthfeel. Apples and dark chocolate go hand in hand with heather honey and wood on the palate. Gradually, the drinking experience becomes more and more spicy, with ripe garden fruit also being noticed in the long-lasting finish.


Only 4200 bottles worldwide

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