CARONI RUM 23Y 1998-2021 56.8% THE WHISKY JURY

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This rum comes from cask number 45 and bottled by Manuel Wouters and The Whiskey Jury. This rum has been aged for 12 years in Trinidad and 11 years in the UK. Distilled January 1998 and bottled March 2021. This is a unique bottling which can also be seen in the dark color. Only 288 bottles available and bottled by Spring Spirits after selection by Manuel Wouters and The Whiskey Jury. Manuel Wouters is a well-known VIP from Belgium's cocktail scene. The Whiskey Jury is known for its bottlings and 90+ scores in terms of ultimate taste experience.

Country: Trinidad
Distillery: Caroni
Bottler: Spring Spirits
Cask type: American Oak Refill Barrel
Vintage: 1998
Bottled: 2021
Cask number:45
ABV: 56.8%
Volume: 0.7L
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