Rivers Antoinne royal Grenadian rum 69%

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Established in 1785 and tucked into the north-east coast of the island, River Antoine Estate is Grenada’s oldest distillery. After being harvested manually, the sugar canes are then milled in a water mill. The cane juice produced is then gently heated in five metal pots. This is then fermented outdoors in cement vats over 6 to 10 days. Direct-fired distillation can then begin in two 600-gallon John Dore double retort pot stills. The 600 bottles produced every day are finally bottled and labelled by hand. With rare depth of expression, this pure cane juice rum pays witness to an age-old history that is particularly respectful of nature. As the local saying puts it so well, “Don’t say Rum, say Rivers.”



Profile: the opulent first nose stages a deliciously honeyed, floral (hyacinth) and sugary cane juice. Allowed to breathe, spices (clove, nutmeg), red fruit (raspberry) and apricot coulis form an original ensemble of aromas. The lively yet elegant attack is particularly fruity (William’s pear), spicy (black pepper) and floral (violet). The animal (bacon) mid-palate is tangy (lime) and unctuous (warm cane sugar). The well-balanced start of the finish is like a distillate fresh off the still. Lush (fresh mint, green tea), it is also honeyed (geranium). The retro-nasal olfaction makes a happy return to William’s pear.
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